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The hotel is more than a place to stay, it’s a modern space. The elegantly designed rooms are complemented by clearly arranged spaces in the breakfast, lobby and reception areas. This creates an urban refuge – a symbiosis of functionality and atmosphere.

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Schlichte Eleganz, Detailverliebtheit, modernes Design und urbaner Charakter zeichnen unser Kitz aus. In dieses Spannungsfeld, in Mitten der Outletcity Metzingen, lassen wir unsere Gäste eintauchen. Nutze unsere Gallerie für erste Inspirationen – stimme dich auf unseren urbanen Jungle ein.

Kitz Boutique Hotel & Restaurant | Pfleghofstrasse 30 | 72555 Metzingen | Telefon 07123 304 89-0 | E-Mail


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pictures say
more than a thousand words

Our Kitz is characterized by simple elegance, attention to detail, modern design, and an urban vibe. We invite our guests to immerse themselves in this dynamic atmosphere, located in the heart of the Outlet City of Metzingen. Take a look at our gallery for initial inspiration and get ready to experience our big city jungle.