Welcome to the Kitz, in the heart of Metzingen. Immerse yourself in the interplay of a unique living space. A special refuge, shaped by freedom, impressions, and feelings. The Kitz is your hotel for timeless aesthetics, modern luxury, and vibrant life.


time for

Kitz’ character is as varied as the people. We are convinced that lasting memories arise through the interplay of contrasts: urban character meets charming natural beauty, simple elegance meets a love of detail, modern architecture meets originality, and contrast meets harmony. Find yourself in the world between these contrasts.
Far away from standardized concepts, you’ll be impressed by our hotel’s individuality and modern interpretation of luxury.


at the right time
at the right place.

You can find our boutique hotel in the middle of Outletcity Metzingen. Life in all its vibrancy is right on the doorstep: whether the premium shopping destination, the Sieben Keltern, or the train station – everything is within easy walking distance. Use the Kitz as your central mainstay: the right place, at the right time.

where one
enjoyment follows
the next.

We also create lasting moments in our hotel bar. Timeless aesthetics meet idiosyncrasy, luxury meets restraint, and traditional bar culture meets innovation. Dive into this world of contrasts, experience the world of mixology, and feel the fusion of trends with cocktail legends. Take a seat and use our hotel bar as a space for catching up and creating an enjoyable end to the day – put your feet up and stay awhile.

for throat
and soul.

linger without haste

We create lasting moments in our hotel bar. Timeless aesthetics meet originality, luxury meets reduction and time-honoured bar culture meets innovation. Immerse yourself in this field of tension with us, experience the world of mixology and feel the fusion of zeitgeist and cocktail legends. Use our hotel bar as a space to exchange ideas and enjoy the finale – linger without haste.